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AmaSuite 4.0 Review + BONUS Worth $9,477


Welcome to my unbiased review of AmaSuite 4.0

Creators: Dave Guindon & Chris Guthrie

Product: AmaSuite 4.0

Price: $37

Release Date: January 27th, 2015

My Boss or Toss Rating:  BOSS

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Where can you get the Amasuite 4.0 software toolkit? Click This Link

gold minerOk, so for those of you who have never heard of this product (me included), you’re probably asking yourself, “What the hell is AmaSuite and why is there a 4th version?

Well my friend, that is an excellent questions and that is exactly why I’ve decided to conduct this review of this product. I am very curious myself and a bit ashamed for never hearing of the first three versions.. Oops

So without further ado, lets dig until we strike gold!

What Is AmaSuite?

Seeing that I had no clue what this product was, I took delicate time to scrap any and all the research I could find. My research shows that Amasuite is a software tool developed by Dave Guindon who has been honored with being apart of the top 100 affiliates for Clickbank for two consecutive years.

His software allows you to easily find the best products to sale on With a few simple clicks, you can gain access to Amazon’s endless database of products in any given category. When i say access, i mean the software will give you a list of every product that is available on Pretty “suite” if you ask me!

Now let me make myself clear.. this software isn’t designed to click here click there and BOOM! funnels of cash fall into your bank account. That is NOT the case here. It is solemnly created to assist you find the top rated, top selling products so that you can have an advantage over your competition.

With that being said, if you want to make money with this product, you need to become an affiliate at Amazon. Dave Guindon’s partner Chris Guthrie is the affiliate brains behind this project. He has mastered and perfected how to sale Amazon products to people all over the world. With Guindon’s software tech skills and Guthrie’s affiliate sale knowledge, these two are a super power and no product or software out there can compete with their Amasuite program.

amasuite members home review

The Inside Scoop

The Amasuite 4.0 members area is very well done.

  • Easy to navigate
  • Simple one-click to download each software
  • Windows & Mac compatible
  • Video tutorials
  • Bonus software

Quick video I made showing you the back office of the product

I’ve seen enough, where can I order Amasuite 4.0?



Review of AmaSuite 4 Software Apps

azon keyword generator review Azon Keyword Generator

The keyword generator acts much like the Google Keyword Planner Tool. The difference is that the software is ideally tailored to the database. The software allows you to search for a list of different seed keywords. Once all your desired keywords are placed in the list, you simply click the generate button and a list of keyword ideas instantly pops up.

Now it doesn’t show you the amount of searches per month that the keyword gets but the software automatically shows you the most searched term from top to bottom. For example, if your seed keyword was iPod, a list would show terms like iPod 160 gb, iPod covers, etc.. iPod 160gb being the number 1 searched term related to the keyword iPod.

Another awesome feature about the azon keyword generator is that it allows you too view the Google trends page of any keyword by double clicking it. If you were to double click a keyword from the list, a separate window within the software pops up with a browser that leads you directly to the trends charts within Google’s database!


So what makes the keyword generator in version 4 different from version 3? Apparently there has been an instant search feature added to the software. So after you have chosen your particular seed keyword like iPod, you can quickly type any word in the new search feature and it will automatically add the word as a long tail keyword. So if you were to type “generation” in the search box, the software would start to show you results for “iPod generation”

Azon Keyword Generator Overview:

  • Get 1000’s of keyword ideas with a simple click
  • Easily examine the trends of the keyword within Google
  • Add to or change the tail of the keyword with the new “instant search feature

azon top 100 analyzer review Azon Top 100 Analyzer

This software app basically allows you to easily generate the top 100 products listed within Amazon. There is a cool feature that allows you to filter different types of categories such as.. Best Sellers, Hot New Releases, Top Rated, Most Wished For, Most Gifted.

You can also dig deeper by choosing a main category from the drop down menu. It then allows you to aim like a navy seal sniper to pin point by selecting a sub category. Example:

Category: Baby

Sub-Category: Car Seats

The list will show the most favorited to the least in whatever niche category you choose. Each listing provides you with the ASIN# (Amazon Standard Identification Number). Amazon uses the ASIN# to keep track of inventory etc.


The “instant search” tool has also been added to the azon analyzer to help filter long list of items.

Main Category” and “Main Rank” tabs have now been added to the analyzing software. Basically the main rank feature provides you with the overall rank of the main category. So the item may be ranked #1 in the sub-category (car seats) but could rank poorly in the main category (baby). So it definitely helps you decide what products would be easiest to sell.


azon product inspector review Azon Product Inspector

This application allows you to acquire a list of products. Similar to the Azon analyzer but still a great commodity to have when searching for an item to sell. You simply choose a type of item you would like to find. For example, 3D Televisions then select a category like electronics.

The software also gives you an “Optional” tab where you can choose your preferred “Avg. Rating“, the percentage of discount ranging from 10% off to 90% off and it even lets you add your Amazon affiliate ID which will integrate for you when choosing the item you want to promote.

After you’ve chosen your desired settings, you’ll need to hit the green go button and a list of products will appear. Here you can see the list price and sale price of the item, the rating and also the number of reviews written by buyers. You can click on the number of reviews as a link that lets you see the reviews.

What’s NEW in AmaSuite 4.0?

azon review finder review Azon Review Finder

The review finder app is like nothing else on the market. Truly one of a kind tool which seems to be tailored more to those who are or want to become sellers on Amazon. (Create and sell your own product rather than promote someone else’s as an affiliate)

Basically this tool extracts reviews of products from top ranked reviewers. It allows you to see data such as, the amount of fan votes, the number of helpful votes and the percentage of helpfulness. These votes are given by real people who buy and sell through the Amazon universe. Since I do not feel that i give the application justice through typing, I’ve decided to post a video that gives you an inside look of what the software looks like!



 Revili Bonus Software LogoBonus Software: Revili

Personally i thought it was pretty cool that Dave Guindon decided to take the extra time to cook up some dessert software which makes AmaSuite 4.0 a full course meal for everyone to enjoy.

Revili is a software that allows you to easily seek out the reviews written by other people about any particular product. This feature sounds awesome seeing that you can uncover what people love.. or hate.. about the product. Sounds like it will save you a ton of time because with knowing how other people feel about the product, you don’t have to go diving into the search engine to find the pro’s and con’s of the item.

Another cool feature about Revili is that it comes with a built in “Word-Analyzer” which allows you to reveal the most repeated words/phrases used within the reviews. This can aid you in knowing what keywords to go after and can show you what people really want, thus giving you the option to create/publish something that the people actually want!

Using the software apps to feed your wallet

Not only do you get this mind blowing software toolkit but you also get to dig into Chris Guthrie’s genius mind of Amazon affiliate mastery. Chris has provided two separate training courses that take you by the hand step by step on how to become a successful affiliate for Amazon. I’m sure he reveals even his deepest secrets and niches that made him over a hundred thousand dollars in affiliate sales.

Chris has also decided to give a little something to those who want to become sellers of Amazon. He’s designed a bulletproof training course to show you exactly how to create your own product and then how to make it an item than sells through Amazon itself. No more making other people money, its time to make YOU money.


Click Here To Get Amasuite 4.0

My Special All Inclusive BONUS!

That’s right folks, I’ve decided to give you a few extras if you purchase AmaSuite 4 through my link. I will be giving you my login information that gives you back office access to Mobile Success Blueprints which was also developed by Dave Guindon himself. This guy really publishes some high quality trustworthy stuff and i would never suggest you to purchase ANYTHING unless i thought it was well worth your buck.

Mobile Success Blueprints generated Dave an income that calculated out to about $394.89 per hour… which means $9,477 in ONE DAY! That’s insane results if you ask me, but it was all possible with the use of mobile ads. With more cell phone users than actually internet users, the numbers can add up..

I purchased this system from Dave Guindon in the past and i was overly impressed. He seems like such a genuine guy and that’s why i was actually excited to get involved to review his newest product.



Now i am not trying to pressure you …

But i want to be clear with you that AmaSuite version 4 and Mobile Success Blueprints is NOT for everyone.

DO NOT expect to receive a product that lets you click a button to magically funnel money into your bank account.

This is not a get rich quick system, this is ONLY for those who are serious about wanting to make an income online and/or from home.

Great success does not come from poor work ethic..

These are powerful tools that can help you build a powerful business that will last a life time. If you are looking to make fast money then you will lose money fast, but if you are looking to truly change your life so that you have extra freedom, then i highly suggest you make a change today.

Think of the freedom you could have to spend time with your kids and family or the option of traveling around the world.. or hell maybe to quit your day job. Whatever you desire you can achieve it but you need to put in the work first. . .

I want to truly thank you for reading my review of AmaSuite 4.0 and I hope you the best of health and success!


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